Friday, 21 March 2014

Updates on Interactive rCrimemap, rBlocks ... and the Packt offer!

Testing rCrimemap as a Self-Contained Web Page

I've been learning more about rMaps and rCharts since the LondonR meeting. There are many amazing things you can do with rCharts but it does take time to learn all the tweaks. For example, I just discovered that the rMaps objects (like other rCharts ojects) can be saved as a self-contained webpage.

So here are the links to one of the maps I rendered with rCrimemap - visualising all the England, Wales and N. Ireland crimes in Jan 2014 (not sure why some of the crimes were recorded in Scotland - I'll need to further investigate this later). Eventually, I hope to build a new Shiny web app for rCrimemap that allows users to change the settings like the original CrimeMap.

Note: I would recommend NOT to try this on smartphones. I will need to figure out how the map can be trimmed and optimised for smartphones later.

Yet Another rBlocks Experiment

Playing with the EBImage package this time, I wrote this script to pixelate a picture and re-colour it with rBlocks (just for fun - not practical at all ...) (Gist - rBlocks_test_04_pixelation.R)

Celebrating Packt's 2000th Book

Finally, Packt is offering "Buy One Get One Free" on all ebooks to celebrate the 2000th title!!!

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